There Most Certainly Are Werewolves

Riddle at beakfast with his parents
you look tired, riddle
well, I most certianly am tired, dad
I stay up too late

is that right because I recall seeing you off to bed
promptly at the right time

well I’m awake for awhile before I sleep
talking to my werewolves

there are no werewolves

there most certianly are werewolves

dad smiles

listens outside the door

conversation at breakfast

ok then what did your werewolves have to say last night?

that’s private dad

dad frowns

dad gets scared and checks the closet under his bed,
talks to wife
listens outside the door
ok well good night son,
good night dad
do you need a drink of water or
anything before you go to sleep
no, I’m fine

we’re right down here in case you
need us
I’m fine dad
go get some sleep, you seem tired

ok good night

so I was wondering
what are these werewolves names?

I don’t know if I can tell you that
well can you find out for me?

I’ll see what I can do

outside door

just a minute please

dad, what are you doing?
nothing -looking over shoulder in to room
go to sleep, I’m worried you
don’t get enough sleep

ok dad, sorry.
ok then goodnight
I can tell you only one of their names
one is named bird
why is his name bird?

HER, and THAT I cannot tell you!

Why not?
I don’t want you to worry.


that night:
Dad making sure the window is secure
tripple checking everything…
Dad, I have to tell you something.
I don’t want you to be worried

well I do worry about you

well, the werewolves are
just in my imagination, ok?

oh they are?

yes, they most certainly are.

ok, well that does make me feel better
can you limit your conversations
to make sure that you get more sleep?
Just talk to them for a little while,
not a long time.

We can try that if it makes you feel better


Riddle? I think you’re going to be a writer some day.

Riddle smiled and drifted off to sleep
without even saying goodnight to his werewolves.
cards for writing

Page of Pentacles
sublime start and setting

Knight of Cups
charming ethos

Manifesting potential, tappping in to strength the crecendo of the mystery

Five of Swords


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