And the Saga Continues

Plans, plans and more plans for this trip in March/April to Manchester/Paris.

The attending to of details has been surprisingly emotional. It’s just a trip, a journey, a vacation, so what is the big deal?  No, apparently, there is some evil Eye out there that feels I’m trying to take the ring to Mordor to throw in to the fires of Mount Doon (?), judging by its reaction to, or my inability to, complete the simplest of tasks needed to make this trip a reality, without some life altering lesson/obstacle thrust upon me and anyone else in cahoots with me.


Queen of Wands

Let’s talk about a card for distraction. This is the Queen of Wands as depicted by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  Oh that I could paint something so marvelous.  The Queen is of wands, the suit of fire, and that represents action and passion. She’s a Queen and that means the feminine, the receptive, the pouring out of emotion in service to others. She’s got energy and smarts, and I need her archetype for this upcoming week, so creative visualization, do your stuff.

I used to be so creative, and a few years ago that just stopped. It just dried up completely, and I’m not wanting to go back, but forward, and I suspect that my next stage of creativity is going to be much better than the last. I’m not sure how, or in what capacity, but it will be satisfying, I can guess that much.

The Court Cards can be puzzling, because while they do mean some specific things, you wonder what you’re supposed to get out of the manifestation of these qualities in to an actual persona. Am I a Queen? Is that a good thing? Is there such a thing as “the feminine” ? There is because we want there to be, and there can certainly be in archetypes, but is this too restrictive? Is that schema trying to hold me back, to bind me?  She’s an oxymoron this Queen of Fire, when queens are receptive and fire is active. I do know exactly how it works, though, considering that’s my personality in a nutshell, at least the extroversion.

Her downside is that her actions are not for good sometimes. When her energy is dark, her actions are for the worst reasons and for the worst possible gains.  She’s the shallow narcissist actress at her worst. At her best, she’s the bubbly expert, the natural teacher that infuses energy and excitement in to her presentation.

I just want her energy and beauty on a day to day basis.


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