Going, going… going.

I’m done having nerve racking meetings over the trust, and money is headed my way. I am then going to start booking my trip. It turns out that hotels in Manchester and Paris can be quite cheap. Yes, hotels in Paris are of a reasonable to super cheap price. If you want to stay in certain areas in fancy hotels, yes you can pay a lot if ya like. But the dates I’m going, in the end of March, there are even a zillion hostels available. I won’t opt for that, but I don’t know if people are aware of just how doable a trip to Paris might be with a budget. I was thinking of staying in that artsy district up by Sacre Coeur, but no I think I’ll stay near the Louvre. So I’m getting a round trip to Paris, and a round trip from Paris to Manchester. Also the friend I am visiting will go to Paris with me. It just seems like a dream. The prices seem like a dream. I am going to opt for a nicer hotel in Manchester, though since I’m just going to book there for two days and stay the rest of the time with my friend.

I won’t feel better until all the air fare and hotels are booked. Also as it turns out, both my friend and me have to update our passports that expire toward the end of February. That’s more expensive than Paris hotels.

I am reading also that Paris is a small city, and things are near, even if you stay on the outskirts, and the public transportation is everywhere. Every five hundred meters there is a Metro entrance, I guess.

Wow, Paris. I don’t care if it’s raining or whatever. The end of March, first week in April is fine with me.


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