The Trip

I am working hard on making this trip a reality. I have a conference call Sunday about what’s going on with the trust. I don’t like the obstacles of reality that keep me from just getting online and booking my tickets.  This is the right thing happening. It’s time for Saturn to sweep through the accounts and clear out cobwebs. If I was mature that would be my first thoughts and feelings on it, and not this sense of someone getting in the way of what I want right now, but I have growing up to do in this area.

There is also a sense of joy of abundance that I know how to have, but that is sorely lacking in this case. I feel like a stunted child. This meeting is going to launch things forward on the sale of the property, which actually I don’t want. But I should probably be looking at it differently. Whatever the case, I want to move on with my life past Sunday.


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