The Sacred World Oracle Post for Writing Stuff


This will be just a selfish writing exercise in which I take some cards and write about them, whatever comes to mind. My relationship with oracle and the like is one of creativity, and that’s as much as I care to explain at the moment.

The meaning of this card as explained by the makers:
“Keywords: Transitory Beauty, Illumination, Inspiration”
According to this here booklet, the abdomen of a firefly is lit up by a chemical called Luciferin. I find that interesting to think about, the derivative Biblical name for what causes bio-luminescence. This glow attracts mates and repels predators.  The booklet notes that the glow of the firefly is transitory as it is seasonal.

“Where the Firefly card appears in a reading, consider where you may require illumination in your life. Seek moments of unexpected beauty that offer gateways for inspiration. “

The interpretation takes a couple of angles, but I can’t help but think of “transitory” as the one that stands out the most. I am feeling negatively about myself in this way. I have flashes of brilliance and insight that are fleeting, and do not get caught in my paper lantern. They are gone forever, I think. I see this as failure, or a shame, but not as inspiration. How can I take this card positively? Is this a reminder to write things down when I can, now that I recognize this causes me disappointment? Is it saying to take control of that curse, when I lose these thoughts to the seasons of the day, when they fly away in to my mind’s dark night?
So I think for now I’ll move on to the next card, to see if it can help me with what I want to get out of that first card. Maybe there’s something here that can turn around this negative aspect that’s the dominating interpretation. Before I do that, I will add one more fear here. I worry that therapy for PTSD is also fleeting like the short lived glow of the firefly. I worry that illumination of psyche is temporary, and that the roots of my symptoms, or manifestation of my symptoms are amorphous.


Let’s move on to The Bluebird. It’s card number 39. The illustration is a cloudy sky with five different looking birds flying out of formation but in the same direction. The bird closest in the foreground to the viewer is the one with the most blue plumage. “Keywords: Optimism, Hope, Happiness, Idealism”
This card has not much of a description in the booklet other than historical references of using this as a symbol of happiness, and the rising sun.
Great. So I’m left on my own with this one. What I’ll do is go to images and look at photos of bluebirds and see if anything comes to mind.

I must admit that I’m having some physical discomfort today, and looking at these blue colors in these images is soothing. I was wishing that these cards tied together better, or that this card would shed light on the other card, and then I realized these were both flying creatures. I pictured a bluebird perched, and then flying off in a moment’s time. So “fleeting” might be the theme here, to my disappointment, as it is a continuation of the negative feelings I expressed for the firefly card. I don’t like the fleeting nature of insight and healing that I’ve experienced. So then I realize that I felt healed for a moment from my abdominal pains while I was looking at these colors. That moment has passed, my pains are still with me.

So now I have fleeting insights, and fleeting healing as a theme for these two cards.
How interesting. So now I’m anticipating the next card.


Spider -25
Oh great.
Actually even though I have been terrified of spiders in the past, I see them as bug eaters, and the “good guys”, especially in the garden.  So I enjoy thinking of spiders as the Ayuahasca symbol. That’s a scary drink that brings about visions for healing. These visions, people report can scare the crap out of them, but conjure up important imagery from the subconscious to face.  The work is “getting rid of bugs” if you will. Birds do the same thing, The firefly is a bug, so we can work our way backwards here. The booklet has my head reeling, because the focus is on the web weaving that a spider does, and ends with the reminder of the “world wide web”.

There are a few exciting concepts to think about here. I’m glad I got this card. The booklet explains this card means it’s time to seek out connections. The spider weaves a web of connections, and some folklore has a spider as the creator of the world, due to it’s amazing weaving instinct, and that leads us in to the thought of the World Wide Web.
When I first got this card, I wasn’t thinking at all about the web. I find myself, once again, that I pulled some cards and bothered to spend time thinking about them. So often I’ll pull some cards and not get much out of them, like a person with ADD, just glance at them, get a few images and thoughts and move on to something else. That is much like the firefly card suggests, I suppose, so that’s interesting to think about as well. Sure enough, though, whenever I take the time to explore meanings and textures of what I’m looking at, it turns out to be very interesting and beneficial.

So spiders trap and eat bugs, as do the healing blue birds. At first spiders can be terrifying, but they are actually hugely important and helpful. Spiders present that general lesson for us. For one, I think people are afraid of spiders, probably for their own good. However, this has eclipsed the truth of how wonderful they are unfortunately. When something gruesome comes up in our emotions, or experience, let’s face it head on and get the good from it. I had a horrible experience a few weeks ago that brought our emotions I had not felt n years, and thought that I would never feel again.  I hate to use such vague language, but it was a wake up call that in certain areas of my life, I have not come a long way, but I am an emotionally co-dependent person that experiences excruciating pain at the thought of being separated from the people I “love”. That is in quotes, because I mean, ‘the people I love codependently.’ . I have one relationship in my life that is based on unhealthy attachment, and there needs to be a transformation there.

That was so painful, that I have no hesitation referring to that as a demon. For the metaphors set out today, it’s a “bug”. That word seems to benign for the pain that I felt. So here is a thought: Lyme’s Disease. There are bugs that can bite you and cause you serious injury. This isn’t just a bug in my programming, this is full blown Lyme’s when it comes to this person. Recently on the web, I have been involved in a local activist group, and I’m getting to know people there so that I can feel comfortable going to meetings and participating in community activities. Hopefully that adds a strong strand to my failing web.

This exercise alone has helped me with the sense of “fleeting” firefly-like inspirations. It’s reminded me that looking deeper, and doing the work and documenting it is beneficial and can curb my feelings of failure. The Bluebird as the center card is a healing card, for its beauty and its bug eating, but can also come and go in seconds. I like that the bird can eat both bugs and spiders. It’s the dominant second figure in this spread and warrants more attention and thoughts. Because I associated that card with healing immediately, due to the soothing blue color, I will name this card as the one that has decided the theme. It’s saying, use this information to your benefit. Don’t just make distracting connections, but make healing ones. I will eat that spider that brings out those demon bugs once they’ve been trapped and demolished. Then the whole cycle will be accomplished. And I might leave quickly, but I can come back just as quickly as I left if I am summoned.

Thank you Sacred World Oracle for this exercise.


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