Yeah, I’m drinking, what of it?

I’ve had an emotionally difficult month, but  I’m better for it. Darn those eclipses.
My husband buys me alcohol bottles one after the next, he’s my vending machine.  But they sit here untouched. I’m usually not in the mood. But with menopause not making up its mind these last few days, I’ve decided that a couple of drinks starting at noon is the day cap I deserve.

I woke up to the Colbert torrent with Anita Sarkesian. [ I feel like my dictionary should not prompt me to change her name to Keynesian, but oh well. That should be our next move. Let’s add Anita’s name to the god damned dictionary HA!  ]

So I didn’t like the interview much, but life is good, because 8chan weirdos are mad. Time for another drinkie poo. I feel like watching Death on the Nile and saying “drinkie poo” with Angela Landsbury and singing sarcastic songs with Mia Farrow. Fuck you guys.  OH! And oggling pearls with Maggie Smith’s boss Ms. Bette Davis.  Which reminds me, “Nice Pearls, this isn’t a dinner party, honey!” I think I’ll watch Pretty In Pink, too, just because it’s been awhile and I’m 80’s like that.

Hm, after checking out this first video I’m left with thoughts that I am all of the people in this scene, just like in dreams.  We are every character.


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