Taking Intellectual Snobs Seriously Who Eat Animal Products


There’s just no excuse anymore.  I am talking about the people that get “ableism” and can defend the use of CIS gender as a term. Who the f*** do you think you are still eating animal products?

I’m sorry, is it too hard to read the plethora of information available to you about this? I just can’t fathom an excuse for these people.


There should not even have to be a treatise on how feminism and veganism go together, I find that strange, but there it is.

Torturing animals is the worst ableism of all, and not knowing that eating animal products is torture is wilful irresponsibility. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a fact. Any wilfully obtuse argument one can generate has been debunked. There is lack of due diligence with these people, and since they cut others absolutely no slack upon expressing some idea they should already know more about, they’re in this same category with me. No mercy.
Here, enjoy a few seconds long audio clip in which someone smarter than me yells at you. And I apologize that he says ‘crazy’. He is addressing the worst ableists on earth though.


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